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Venture capitalists supply funds and financing to businesses and organizations, who otherwise would have to go out and obtain a loan on their own. Traditionally, venture capitalists banked young companies and received ownership shares in return—sometimes even acquiring a majority share of ownership as part of the agreement.

A social venture operates rather differently from standard venture capitalism. This refers to a business venture that is working to promote a social good while also achieving financial success. You may also have heard of these types of organizations referred to as “cause capitalism.”

The number of companies and groups that classify as social ventures is vast. Some examples include:

-A for-profit company that donates some of its products or services to those in need.
-A group organizing homebuilding and other charitable works.
-A company that provides needed items at affordable prices, such as eyewear or dental care

Jones Capital Management can collaborate with your non-profit on the same model as a traditional venture capital firm. We help you secure funding by establishing a close partnership, then use our analysis and auditing to make sure your organization is functioning at optimum levels.

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Q: What are the advantages of purchasing a website template?

The major advantage is price: You get a high quality design for just $20-$70. You don’t have to hire a web designer or web design studio. Second advantage is time frame: It usually takes 5-15 days for a good designer to produce a web page of such quality.
Do you provide any scripts with your templates or could you do some custom programming?
Our templates do not include any additional scripts. Newsletter subscriptions, search fields, forums, image galleries (in HTML versions of Flash products) are inactive. Basic scripts can be easily added at www.TemplateTuning.com If you are not sure that the element you’re interested in is active please contact our Support Chat for clarification.

Q: What do I receive when I order a template from zemez.io?

After you complete the payment via our secure form you will receive the instructions for downloading the product. The source files in the download package can vary based on the type of the product you have purchased.
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