Creating Technology Roadmap for the Product: Free Technology Roadmap Template by IntelliSoft

In the process, you’ll gain insights into current operations and get a better grasp of how things can be improved. Skip this step, and the risk of complications down the line increases dramatically. Granted, the bigger your organization gets, the more likely time will have to be incorporated in your roadmap. Remote-first recruiting practices: How we do it at Remote Presenting your development roadmap in a Timeline View lets you showcase the “when” to the rest of your organization and manage their expectations of the dev workflow. But just remember if you are using a Timeline, reiterate that it’s a statement of intent and therefore can (and probably will) change.

technology roadmaps examples

Around 94% of consumers admit that they are more likely to be loyal to companies that offer complete transparency. And when you share your plans on a high level with your stakeholders through a convenient roadmap, you definitely increase the level of this transparency. Before you create your own roadmap, it’s a good idea to check out some reliable roadmap examples to understand what you need. The roadmap allows everyone to align and understand how different tasks and responsibilities related to implementation impact their productivity.

Creating Technology Roadmap for the Product: Templates and Examples

This is an excellent addition that gives leaders some indication as to which goals are at risk. The only thing missing from this great roadmap is a timeline summary for each goal. Once it is decided what must be roadmapped, the critical system requirements can be identified; they provide the overall framework for the technology roadmap.

  • It has separate grouping areas for each technology area and also incorporates service quality and trends.
  • You can use it to demonstrate the macro level evolutionary plans of IT services, infrastructure, etc.
  • It upended the transportation industry by allowing any driver to earn extra money and any passenger to arrive at their destination in a luxury car rather than a cab.
  • They can assess and plan for new technology trends, track progress toward goals, and decide where to invest resources.
  • A technology roadmap can help businesses become more agile and adapt to changing markets.
  • Establishing milestones helps you monitor your technology initiatives’ progress and make adjustments as necessary.

And lastly, release plans ensure you implement new processes smoothly and effectively and that stakeholders fully sign them off. It’s important to ensure team members are adequately trained to deliver on the project’s goals. It can also include process training to ensure teams adopt new workflows successfully. This includes software upgrades, security enhancements, and hardware replacements.

One final suggestion: Review and reassess your roadmap often.

From marketing roadmaps to executive-facing roadmaps, IT roadmaps, sprint roadmaps, and a wide variety of technology roadmaps. Visit our Roadmap Templates Page to see many more examples and to gain ideas and inspiration for your next roadmap. New shiny features are important and provide value for customers, however understanding how technology will evolve to continue supporting product and company goals is critical. As mentioned earlier, technology roadmaps can be used for many use cases, including sharing software updates, release dates, data migration plans, and security updates, and more. As Agile increases in popularity so does the importance of technology roadmaps. This is due to the increasing need for technology teams to be Agile as they manage their internal IT landscape as a product, not solely as an internal service for example.

What are the three phases of technology roadmap?

The technology roadmapping process consists of three phases – preliminary activity, development of the technology roadmap, and follow-up activity.

In table 2 all the different sub-activities of the development phase can be seen. Explore even more templates, widgets, and plugins—all built by the Figma community. Roadmaps help prepare for any regulatory and compliance changes your company must undergo. Remember that any roadmap example you pick up should not only be a visual representation of planned activities, but contribute to the ability to develop and evolve them.

The process of evolving a large scale Design System.

Zscaler has also enhanced its security capabilities by launching its Advanced Cloud Sandbox solution that leverages machine learning to detect and respond to advanced threats. Additionally, Zscaler has improved its user experience, including introducing new features that simplify its platform and enable businesses to easily manage their security needs. These achievements have enabled Zscaler to become a leading provider of cloud-based security solutions and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Twilio’s technology roadmap focuses on innovation, scalability, and security. PagerDuty is a digital operations management platform that enables real-time visibility and response capabilities for IT teams, developers, and business stakeholders. In addition, the company’s platform provides end-to-end incident management solutions that help businesses quickly resolve issues and minimize downtime.

technology roadmaps examples