How to know volume on Forex? The best indicator of volume for MT4

volume indicator mt4

This shows that the buyers are anxious to get on board and large volume enters the market and bids up prices quickly. A valid breakout should be followed by more buying but occasionally the low of the Volume Climax Up bar is tested. When there are no volume signals the default histogram bar coloring is cyan. The Better Volume indicator also comes in a PaintBar version, so you can see the coloring on the price bars themselves. Strong directional breakouts are known to happen at times of high volume.

Forex data can be compared to fuel and software that uses this data is like an engine. In order to try the indicator performance alone or in the combination with other ones, you can use Forex Tester with the historical data that comes along with the program. Traditionally, a divergence of price and Volumes histogram are considered a strong reversal signal (see Using Graphic Tools). The broker put the order into action when the market and order price had the same (or acceptable within the spread) value.

How to Use Volume for Trend Strength Confirmation

The difference is important because if there are many trades happening but the dollar amount of those trades is small, then we will not get the follow through in price we were expecting. However, In the Forex market, we don’t have a centralized exchange of total volume because we’re trading over the counter. If we look at any trading platform like TradingView, they have a volume attached to their chart.

  • Use the volume indicator in combination with other technical analysis tools to get the best trading results and price momentum.
  • When a green bar appears in the volumes histogram, it signals a possible change in trend direction.
  • The indicator for classification of the volume size uses the moving average and its multiples.
  • The Forex market, like any other market, needs volume to move from one price level to another.

This indicator detects breakouts at times of peak volume such as the start of London, Tokyo and New York trading sessions. Download SuperTrend nrp new mtf 2 + histo MT4 indicators for free and learn how to use them in forex trading. Download Jurik Velocity Index (JVEL) MT4 indicators and learn how to use them effectively in forex trading. One standout feature of the Volumes Suite Indicator is its alert system, which notifies traders when maximum points are reached.

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For example, if 20,000 contracts were sold and bought during a day, people say that trading volume amounted to 20,000. Technical analysis is the key to profitable forex trading. Trend trading is the best and profitable forex trading strategy. Trend Following System’s goal is to share as many Forex trading systems, strategies as possible to the retail traders so that you can make real money. Boy if people really would understand the power of this indicator. Not only does it show where smart money is accumulating and distributing it also is fantastic at identifying where bots are absorbing transactions.

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cTrader Forex indicators.

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The GBPUSD chart above shows how during bearish trends, VZO tends to stay in the lower volume zone, hovering between 0 and -40. Let’s see what kind of tradewe can use this tactic with the volume Zone Oscillator indicator. In addition, the VZO indicator adds an exponential moving average to smooth out volume readings.

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The Volumes indicator’s description states that the value of volume corresponds to the number of ticks within a price candle. Therefore, if H1 timeframe is enabled in a terminal, a bar displayed on the Volumes indicator’s chart indicates the number of ticks per hour. MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals provides a standard volume indicator called “Volumes”, which is mostly used for daytrading.

Below we will describe the most popular Forex volume indicators and explain why Volume Zone Oscillator is the best volume indicator in trading. Volume Oscillator is part of the family of oscillator indicators. An oscillator is a technical instrument that has the form of sine waves. These waves will change over time above and below the center line.

What Is Volume Profile Indicator?

In Forex Volume data represents total number of quotes for the specified time period. KT Forex shows the buying and selling volume of a currency pair in the form of a colored histogram. Depending on which zone corresponds to the volume, the histogram bar is colored with an appropriate color. This way, you can easily recognize how high the volume is compared to previous bars. Like the non-lag MACD, crossing above or below the “zero line” provides our signal. We always can get back into the market later if the smart money buyers show up again.

The bars of the Volumes indicator with enabled standard settings may be colored in green or red. The core of the technical analysis is to identify the trend… Pivot points are an excellent leading indicator in technical analysis.

Usually, in both rising and falling markets during the last stage of the trend, we can see spikes in volume and volatility. These are often sharp price moves that are accompanied by sharp increase/decrease in trading volume. The CMF volume indicator can be used to confirm the strength of the trend, the accuracy of a breakout, trend reversals, false breakouts and so much more.

volume indicator mt4