Letter From the Director National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA

I hit some of the lowest points in my life, and I now realize that I am worth more. It is time for me to regain control. I will pursue new opportunities, achieve new goals, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. And to do all of this, I need you out of my life.

letter from addiction

Once we were forced to spend time apart, I realized that I was spellbound by you. You, heroin, were a magic ingredient, and you kept me doing your evil bidding. I realized that if I continued to see you, I would be enslaved by you forever. Honestly, I don’t really remember exactly when I realized it was over. You made me abandon my sense of right and wrong to keep us together. Whenever I did something illegal for you, I would tell myself it was just one time.

How to Write a Goodbye Letter to Alcohol & Drugs

Eventually, you took everything away from me. You told me that as long as I let you control everything in my life, everything would be okay. It has become clear that everything is not okay. In order for things to get better, I need to let you go.

But please know that the immediate pain you feel now will eventually fade. Read Ron’s letter below and ask yourself goodbye letter to alcohol if letter writing might be a good option for you. I deeply appreciate how much you are sacrificing for me.

Are you making the most of your recovery?

Your drinking has also been devastating financially. Many days and nights are spent worrying if you are hurt or in the hospital or in jail. There have been times when I have feared for our my own safety because of the unpredictability of your lifestyle. I have chosen to seek professional help.