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Later that night, I found mail in my yard from Cullman, Alabama. I also found coloring assignments from an elementary school somewhere I didn’t recognize. I grew up both a little frightened and excited by storms and tornadoes. My mamaw and great grandmother were both horrified of storms, probably an undiagnosed case of lilapsophobia or astraphobia.

  • Finally – a culture of FOMO has us lurching from one shiny “new” tech to another, where most are just re-invented wheels.
  • This tech has been around for what 20 years and it still has issues with groups and stuff like that.
  • And sadly the main cost of abstraction is performance, which is often considered low priority, until customers start to complain about it.
  • The problem is the craziness gets in the way of the site itself.
  • So therefore my friends, you now send a guy who has not demonstrated leadership or clutch hitting capacity into the biggest market in the world and expect him to turn around the franchise.
  • Anyone that ever monitored or analyzed an application uses or has used averages.

We heard the winds increasing and gusting heavily in a slightly pulsing ebb and flow. There was vivid and continuous lightning, the sounds of the winds increased quite a bit, and we heard thumping on the back decks, the north side of the house, and big thumps in the front and above us. I felt pressure difference in my ears, heard the toilet gurgle, and we both noticed the pressure difference as waves of pressure variation washed through the house and us. The bathroom door was shaking as if someone wanted to get inside throughout all this. If we were a bit closer I’m sure it would have been the classic “freight train” experience. I was about 6 or 7 years old, living in Lincoln, NE, and ready to end the school year.

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My father looked up and saw a “hole” in the sky and shouted “RUN!!!!”. My father went under a large wooden rack where tons of lumber was stored. His friend hung onto an oak tree and didn’t let go.

My Top 7 Worst Blogs & Why They Sucked

The information is current but the design is so outdated that it is nearly impossible to trust it. The layout isn’t streamlined or coherent either. Elements aren’t placed in an orderly fashion so everything looks cluttered.

Generative AI has completely changed the way I approach software design. I don’t think I could ever go back.

But hell, you’re already here reading this article. Believe it or not, RSS is still around and still works great for keeping on top of updates from various websites. I’ve used an RSS reader for longer than I used Twitter, and it’s still one of the first apps I open every morning to get a bead on what’s happening on the sites I care about. There’s no other service I’ve been able to find that provides so much longform content to me for such a relatively low price. I used to rely on my Twitter feed to stuff my Pocket queue full of things to read later, but Apple News provides much of that for me now. Still, Apple News provides me with top headlines of events around the world every time I open it plus curated selections based on my reading history and topics I’ve selected.

  • We can change the culture and work environment of an entire company by exercising even the slightest amount of solidarity.
  • Numerous other branches were on our deck and littering our yard.
  • Visually the siding looks fine with a few dents, but with no loose sections or panels, I would just as soon keep what we have had for 40 years.
  • I could not understand what it was saying but I assumed it meant tornado.
  • I went back out to the shop the next day and just cried seeing where I had crawled out from the broken pieces of the toilet under where I laid.
  • I don’t think so, if anything there are many rumors that suggest Tex has the leadership skills of a…well who are we kidding, he has no leadership skills.
  • Though, they definitely need someone to explain that an excessive use of ‘coming soon’ would not make the ‘coming soon’ come sooner.

In this case, a considerable percentage of transactions are very, very fast (10-20 percent), while the bulk of transactions are several times slower. The median would still tell us the true story, but the average all of a sudden looks a lot faster than most of our transactions actually are. This is very typical in search engines or when caches are involved, some transactions are very fast, but the bulk are normal. Another reason for this scenario are failed transactions, more specifically transactions that failed fast.

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Follow Ann on Twitter @anngynn or connect on LinkedIn. Oh, and if you have other ideas of what makes content bad, please share in the comments. Big bonus points if you own your bad examples in the comments. And yet, people still publish content with huge blocks of text that are difficult to scan. The more mentions of the brand or its product in the bounds of a piece of content, the higher the (weakness) of that piece of content.

And let’s be real – a lot of music creators got in it for attention and for the girls or for the guys (or both). If you were great – and could make it, you had everything in the world you wanted. Hence – today’s artists are nowhere near the bar of anyone close to the classic hit makers, icons and artists. Any of those artists on such and such playlists are (prove me wrong) 95% just “really good,” 3rd hand generations and watered-down versions of the greats. Today – if you want to be the next big, singer songwriter, as an example … you might be looking / listening to I don’t know – the latest transient artist showing up on a New Music playlist. In the golden era of music years ago – labels would actually develop recording artists.

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Her casting is also spot-on in her resemblance to Fraser, especially in her expressive eyes. “He thinks his life will be better if he can just kill this whale, but in reality, it won’t help him at all,” he intones in a painfully obvious bit of symbolism. “This book made me think about my own life,” he adds as if we couldn’t figure that out for ourselves.

  • Compare that landscape to today, where as I mentioned, technology has put music creation literally in the hands of anyone.
  • I do remember hearing nails squeak out of boards as they were being forced out by the fierce tornado.
  • My next thought was get to an interior hall so I ran to the bathroom, laid down on the floor and grabbed the toilet knowing it was bolted to the ground.
  • The website is archaic in terms of technology as it’s just safe to say that the designers have not heard of responsive templates.
  • This can impact your anesthesia during the colonoscopy.
  • They should have used a few gifs and even more jpegs.

As we hit the cellar floor I heard a large thump that shook the house. Our next door neighbor had a double trunked maple tree split in two and fall  into her home. It was over in just a few minutes, and when things had subsided I went out back and saw insulation on the ground and new that buildings must have been damaged. Thanks to the early warnings given by the National Weather Service and the response of the officials. If school had been in session students would have been walking the streets and the loss of many more lives would have been likely.

We go outside and looked on our little community. There were no deaths, few were injured, but for being mobile homes, they were still holding up strong. Turned out the tornado did not touch down fully in the park, but still threw a carport into a neighboring car and tipped a tree to the point you couldn’t go up the road in any type of vehicle. I remember taking in a deep breath and hugging my friend and running over to my mom’s house and making sure she was alright. Till this day, I still remember that day and it still plays in my head. I now have two little girls to whom I am passing all the “farmer tricks” to and teaching them to keep an eye in the sky and a foot in the tornado shelter in spring.

My Top 7 Worst Blogs & Why They Sucked

The Penny Farthing is history, lets make the electric autonomous vehicle of the future. We should set aside time in every sprint to resolve technical debt. We should procrastinate feature work now and then when there’s an especially promising opportunity to optimize and improve our code. We should persuade our employers to sponsor open-source projects. We should create the expectation that we won’t always be working on the product roadmap; our code and our industry expect more of us.

Meanwhile, FB search is completely useless, you can search by the literal name of sth that you look at often and it cant find it. Windows10 reboots, without my say so, making me set up all kinds of windows and tabs, some of which had running processes going. We redesigned it earlier this fall to incorporate shorter posts with links to things we find interesting from across the internet, including other blogs and articles and social media posts.

My Top 7 Worst Blogs & Why They Sucked